After learning about the flat earth I decided to create this website to help spread the word.
Thanks to all the FE people that create videos to teach others about the real world we live in.
Most if not ALL Flat Earthers are individuals doing research and are NOT part of the Flat Earth Society.
This is NOT a cult or religion. We don’t have a leader, just individuals doing and sharing research for the truth.

NASA's budget for 2017 was: $53,424,657 PER DAY

Dear Spinning Ball Earth Believer

Video Credit: Eric Dubay

Operation: Spread Flat Earth Truth

Video Credit: Eric Dubay

The Flat Earth Society is Controlled Opposition

Video Credit: Eric Dubay

Flat Earth - Ships Disappearing Over the Horizon

Video Credit: Eric Dubay

NASA is scamming you! Space travel is fake! The earth is flat!

Video Credit: DITRH

Puppet Show

Video Credit: Conspiracy Music Guru

Why You Should Not Trust Today's Cosmology

Video Credit:

Lunar Eclipse 2018.Moon not a sphere.shadow is the smoking gun

Video Credit: Masta Peace

Video from Nasa: Published on Mar 13, 2015

Start at 15:50 to hear the limitations of space travel

Evolution is a Masonic Lie Hiding Intelligent Design

Video Credit: Eric Dubay

Do you still believe we went to the moon?

Video Credit: Conspiracy Music Guru

NASA LIES FAKE ISS harnesses, hairspray, and zero g planes

Video Credit: truth2thayouth

Debunking Flat Earth 101

Video Credit: Rob Skiba

No Photographs of Earth!

Video Credit: Conspiracy Music Guru

NASA's Robert Simmon AKA Mr Blue Marble


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